why should you install the new google analytics 4

Why You Should Install The New Google Analytics 4

Start the year by working smarter. Are you ready to upgrade your google analytics?

Technological advancements give us a multitude of tools for our business. At times, it could get confusing to choose which ones are best. SuccessAmp gives you insights into the latest analytics and data-driven internet marketing tools. If you’re asking, “Is it time to upgrade to Google Analytics 4?” then we got you covered. 

For starters, data-driven marketing is not just the word for the day. It is an absolute necessity, especially in the digital marketing world. And you know that. 

Correct us if we’re wrong to assume that you’re already using Universal Analytics. Either way, you should get started with Google Analytics. Learn what traditional Universal Analytics is and what it is capable of. You’ll then understand why it is a big deal to talk about the next generation of Google Analytics.

Meanwhile, this article is for those who want to get their questions answered. Is it worth it to install the new Google Analytics 4?

What’s new in GA4: Highlights and features

GA4 highlights

  • AI-powered machine learning. It learns and measures existing data to make assumptions. It makes inferences about the traffic on the site and the behavior of visitors. Then it renders insights that highlight practical information that marketers need.
  • End-to-end analysis of the customer life cycle. It provides companies a full understanding of their consumer journey. That information is now obtained across devices, from acquisition to retention.
  • Durability. For Google Analytics 4, cookies are a thing of the past. It will work even without cookies. It is future-proof! 
  • Cookies are packets of data that remember information about a user who visited a website. It is widely used but posed a security risk because users may not be aware that they are being tracked. For that, cookie laws have been introduced to allow users to choose to accept or decline cookies. The rejection of cookies causes a gap in the data collection used in Universal Analytics. This is solved by the cookie-less tracking ability of the new GA4 property.

New features

  • Event editing within the UI without writing codes.
  • The measurement protocol is now for both app and web.
  • Supports cross-domain measurement of customers’ journeys within the UI.
  • Customer Lifecycle Report
  • E-commerce Reporting
  • Set up assistant to make migration easy
  • Get started wizard to get started in just a few clicks
  • New onboarding flow making the new Google Analytics 4 property the default

Should you switch to the new GA4?

Universal Analytics is not going anywhere, which means you can decide to stick with it. It is always good to know that we have our options open. But since Google is offering this shiny new thing, that left a lot of us baffled. Is it worth considering? And since you’re here, you are probably considering switching already. Here are the top reasons why digital marketing people switch to GA4.

Why you need to use Google Analytics 4

Reason #1: New way of tracking users

Universal Analytics tracks users based on sessions. When users start interacting with your site, it creates a new session. The session starts and ends after a period of no activity. When the same user returns to your site, it makes another session, which the GA4 doesn’t do. 

GA4 tracks users based on events wherein it records all events that the user completes. Not based on sessions created. This way, rather than just knowing someone was there, it lets you know what the users actually do on your website.

Reason #2: Built-in top-level report instead of several sets of reports.

UA gets you several sets of reports that you can customize. GA4 gives you one top-level report for all data collected. Going to your analysis tab gets you to view a specific report you need to look into.

Reason #3: Single property data streams across multiple devices.

The Universal Analytics and  Google Analytics 4 properties and views are not the same. They are set up differently.  GA4 allows you to mix user data from across different devices. Both web and app data, for example, into one single property data stream. Data tracking is easier because you use the same tracking code for web property, iOS, and android properties.

Reason #4: GA4 is the future of Analytics

Last year, GA4 became fully functional. It will be the default property type when you create a new Google Analytics property. Google Analytics 4 is designed to adapt to evolving analytics technology. We can expect to get more updates on new features as time goes on.

Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 – Now or Later?

If you are considering upgrading to Google Analytics 4, can you do it later? Yes! But should you do it now? We have a divided answer about this. Many preferred to wait it out and see since last year. And you shouldn’t panic about making a decision now. 

It is great news to know that you can actually try GA4 with UA. 

This means you can get acquainted with the new UI. You can try the new layout, the reports, and everything else without fully migrating. That’s awesome!

Upgrading to GA4 the soonest is recommended for global brands. If you have a website and an app, then it would be best to upgrade sooner.

How to get started with the new Google Analytics

Set up a Google Analytics 4 property 

There are three ways you can set up Google Analytics 4 property

  1. Set up a new site on a Google Analytics 4 property
  2. Set up a new site on both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4
  3. Add a Google Analytics 4 property to a site that already has Analytics

Setup Assistant

Access the Setup Assistant Wizard from the Universal Analytics property admin page. It will add a GA4 property.  Then starts collecting data alongside your Universal Analytics property.

When Google Analytics 4 Property has been set up, the Setup Assistant will give you tools. You will need it to migrate your UA property configuration to your GA4 property.

How to Install Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager

  • Step 1 – Go to the admin console under the property column and find the upgrade to Google Analytics 4
  • Step 2 – The Get Started button will automatically create a new property using the wizard.
  • Step 3 – Click Create Property
  • Step 4 – You will then be taken to the Google Analytics 4 view with the Setup Assistant. Here you can customize your GA4 property more. You will also be able to share your Universal Analytics property settings.
  • Step 5 – Use the Google Tag Manager to create a Configuration tag for your GA4 property. Copy your Property ID to input on Measurement ID.
  • Step 6 – Click Save. Preview and debug.
  • Step 7 – Launch it on your website.

If you want a video on how this is done, here’s a short walkthrough video of installing GA4 with Google Tag Manager.

4 Great benefits of an upgrade to Google Analytics 4

1. Understanding the User Journey better

GA4 allows you to see the users and their interactions more than ever. Since instead of relying on measurements, it adopts an event-driven model. You can now track the User Journey even through various devices.

2. Reports are more intuitive for marketers

Now the reports align with the User Journey. This provides marketers with the information they need to meet their goals.

3. Tools that can be found only on GA360 are now free

Tools like funnel analysis, path analysis, and other tools are free to use on GA4. This next generation of Analytics offers powerful tools for marketers. It helps to refine their marketing campaigns and make forecasts easily and accurately.

4. Intelligent tracking

The new analytics approach is very flexible. It can be further developed in the future with modeling. GA4 is future proof with cookie-less tracking and more control over data collection. That is a major solution to issues on privacy. 

Are you ready to upgrade to GA4? 

Keep yourself updated with the latest solutions that fit your business goals. Whatever you decide to do with what Google offers, you should have your best interest in mind. Not every shiny new thing is for you, but it is worth having a look at. Working smarter requires the right tools. We should have a clear understanding of how they can work best for our business.

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