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Our Internet marketing services help make your business easy to find and more profitable. We work with businesses in Grand Rapids, around West Michigan, as well as national brands.

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We help customers to easily find and become passionate about your brand.

Do you have a website, or do you own a marketing machine?

Nearly every business these days have a website, but how many of them really work? When you think about it, most companies spend time and effort driving people to their website. They hope that a few of those visitors turn into customers. SuccessAmp is a digital marketing agency that helps make your website more attractive to visitors and convert more of them into paying customers.

Squeeze more profits from visitors.

The first step in improving any website is conversion rate optimization or CRO. We help people to understand what you have to offer and why they should do business with you. We do this using science, psychology, and various persuasive techniques.

Think of your website like an orange juice factory. If you want to make 10% more money, you have two options. First is to buy and squeeze 10% more oranges. The second is to figure out how to squeeze 10% more juice out of every orange. CRO is like the latter and makes you more money for every dollar spent.

Improve your online neighborhood.

After we’ve made your website more efficient, we need more people to find it. One of the most cost-effective ways to grow website traffic is search engine optimization or SEO. It might sound complicated, but it’s simply building websites that people want to use.

SEO involves making your site fast and easy to understand. You give it great curb appeal by using enticing titles and informative descriptions. Finally, no neighborhood is complete without great neighbors. We do the hard work of finding relevant websites to link to you and send you visitors.

Promote the great value that you deliver.

More than ever, websites are looking to monetize their readers. Many are turning to advertising for profit and reaching customers without paying difficult. There’s no need to worry though. Smart marketers are using these audiences to drive down costs and speed results.

Our pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management services deliver outstanding value. First, you get professionally managed campaigns with significant ROI. Second, we use insights from paid advertising to help build more of what your customers want. It’s like getting paid to learn, and then turning what you’ve learned into more profit.

Build a foundation for future growth.

Sometimes the property is great, but the building on it needs work. Other times you’ve outgrown what you’ve made, and you need something bigger. In these situations, our website design & development services give you a solid foundation to grow on.

We specialize in developing lightning fast and scalable solutions. We don’t build websites. We create online experiences designed to thrill your customers. Our focus is on delivering an unparalleled user experience that makes you THE choice. We handle any size project from local service providers to full web applications.

Build an unusually qualified audience.

Traditional marketing is all about capturing people’s attention when they’re ready to buy. Inbound marketing is all about attracting people before they even know they have a need. When they discover that need, they’ll trust you to provide it.

Our inbound marketing services help your business become the solution your customers always wanted. Using marketing automation people are guided on a tour of how skilled and experienced your business is. They’ll know your brand, they’ll trust it, and they’ll look to it for solutions.

Build a community.

In the past, most people would gather together in the town square to share news and socialize. Today more than ever, that town square is virtual, and social networks are where people gather. Our social media management services help find where your prospects congregate online. Once located we help get your message in front of them.

We use the latest techniques to target not only your current visitors but people like them. We find what’s interesting to them and make your business the best source for it. We increase engagement and awareness of your brand while making you more money.

WE HAVE Answers

Ask Us Anything

Take advantage of all available traffic streams. We use a holistic approach to traffic generation. Instead of focusing on only one method, we target many methods for the faster and stronger results. Some methods, like local SEO, are great, but using multiple methods just woks better. Our focus on ROI means that we’ll drive traffic in a way that makes you more money in less time.

We manage most ad platforms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and more. We even offer media buying services for clients with ample budgets.

Yes, since 1994. Get a simple, attractive, and usable website at a reasonable price. We can build a website or web application of any size or scale. If you need a simple site for a small business focused on low maintenance and easy lead generation, we’ve got you. If you need an eCommerce platform focused on SEO, instant checkout, and massive concurrency, we’ve also got you.

Yes! Website speed is a critical for both your customers and Google. We are experts at squeezing every drop of speed out of a WordPress or custom website. We can even go as far as hosting your site on a dedicated high-speed server with cloud-based caching.

Yes. We have in-house designers who can do some light design work. Our focus is with the design that our work requires like designing ads, social media, and websites. We can also help with other related things like videos, logos, flyers, etc.

Yes. We prefer to work with WordPress for most websites or Laravel for custom web development. We have access to a variety of plugins and tools to make marvelous WordPress sites. That being said, we always try to choose the right tool for the job. In our stack, you might find Python/Django, Vue, Node, and more.

Discover Our Proprietary Optimization Process

Our M.A.D. Maximization Method Delivers Apocalypse Proof Results

M.A.D. is Messaging, Automation, & Discoverability, but acronyms and jargon don’t matter. When it’s survival of the fittest, who do you want on your side? “M.A.D. Max” will strengthen your business, turning it into an unkillable profit-generating machine!

Messaging Maximization is all about converting visitors into customers by empathizing with them and focusing on their desires. It’s about building a brand that has loyal, fervent fans. It’s about grabbing people by the eyeballs and showing them why you’re the best.

Automation Maximization is about developing processes and automated systems to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. It’s about working smarter to amplify your hard work. It’s about maximizing the value of every dollar spent.

Discoverability Maximization is about putting your brand in-front of everyone who’s looking for it. It’s about using social, organic, paid, referral, and other sources of new customers. It’s about not just doing what works, but being the trendsetter that sets a high bar and dares your competition to follow.

They say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. Well, we have one that we think you’ll enjoy way more.

Our knowledge, tools, and processes deliver such reliable results that we offer every client our Full Circle Guarantee. We feel it’s the best and most realistic guarantee provided by any competitive agency in our industry.

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