“Full Circle 360° Guarantee”

We deliver results as promised.

A foundation for success: integrity, motivation, responsibility, & respect.

You have our promise, we have your back.

With services from SuccessAmp you can feel secure in knowing we stand behind our promises. Our timelines and our prices are realistic, and competitive.

Online marketing is a fast-moving field, and your competitors may be moving as fast as you are. Even if the competitive field changes, we’ll be there to help you succeed.

For our “Expert Consulting” and “Introductory” services:

You’re happy with our single hour “Expert Consulting” or “Introductory Website Review” services or you pay nothing. If you show up for the scheduled consultation and are unsatisfied with our work in any way, simply let us know within seven days and we’ll issue a 100% refund. No questions asked.

For our “Complete Audit” services:

If we fail to deliver a satisfactory plan by projects end, simply let us know exactly what you were not satisfied with within 7 days. We’ll circle back to the beginning, re-plan, and re-work the audit one time more for free.

For our “Autopilot” monthly services:

Long term services like our Autopilot plans are some of the most difficult to estimate. This is due to constant shifts in competition. Not only is the end goal constantly shifting, but the competition is not standing still. We tend to aim for reasonable six to twelve month goals measured by either website traffic or conversions. Sometimes we need to adjust course along the way.

Once every six months, by request, we’ll circle back to the beginning of the project, perform a complete audit, re-plan, and deliver an updated proposal showing what’s changed for free. This way you can guarantee that if things change, you have access to a hard comparison to measure against.

For our “Hosting” services:

We guarantee 100% uptime for your website hosted with SuccessAmp. Notify us of any unscheduled downtime immediately. If the downtime is verifiable by our independent monitoring system or employees and is found to be less than one hour we will issue a credit for 50% of your monthly hosting fee. For downtime over one hour we will issue a 100% credit. You may take advantage of this guarantee once per calendar month.

For our “Website Development” services:

All websites we build and host are 100% guaranteed to be bug free for 30 days from delivery. If you find any features that don’t work as specified, simply let us know within 30 days of delivery. We’ll review the feature, re-plan, and re-work it again for free. We extend that guarantee full circle to 360 days for any feature marked as “critical” such as lead and sales forms.

For our “Success Coaching” services:

You’re happy or you pay nothing. If you are not satisfied with our “Success Coaching” packages, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll issue a 100% refund.

All services and remedies not explicitly stated here are covered by our “Warranty and refunds” section of our general policy. Any terms listed here will be superseded by a signed “Master Professional Services Agreement.”

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